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All Club Secretaries and team Managers have access to Official Rule Book/Handbook on the OKS web site. You may be download and print a copy if you wish

Below you will also  find a link to the full Official League & Cup Rules and a list of procedures  you should follow each week.


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The Secretaries ‘Things You MUST Do’ list



By when


Ian Gordon will email Club Secretaries with referee appointments from Monday onwards each week
You MUST accept an appointed official & you must make contact with your referee as soon as you are notified by Ian
Don’t forget to advise the Referee, Ian & League Secretary of any cancellations and get permission from League Secretary to change KO time or venue, before you make arrangements.
U/18’s:  Ian Gordon 07703 605015     email:
U/16’s:  Ian Gordon 07703 605015     email:
It is the responsibility of the home club to arrange a Referee if one not appointed

As much notice as possible.


You MUST notify match arrangements to the away team, in writing, using the Our Kids Sports ‘Match Notifications’.
Must be by the Tuesday preceeding the game at the latest (Rule 10D)
The away team MUST chase the home club if you have not heard

Using the OKS Match Notifications


You MUST telephone result to the Fixtures Secretary before 6.30pm on the match day & enter the score on the Our Kids Sports web site along with the Referres’ mark & the ‘fair play’scores.
This includes all League, League Cup and Hampshire Cup matches.  
Fixtures Sec: George Wall 023 80776793
.  When phoning it’s just the result, no match reports! no goal-scorers! and no whinges!    (Whinges should be in writing to the League Secretary)

Sunday before 6.30pm


A fully completed team sheet must be printed from the OKS site and handed to the opposition manager BEFORE all matches.
A team sheet MUST be produced for ALL League, League Cup & Hants Cup games.
A scanned copy of the team sheet may be emailed to: if one is requested

Printed BEFORE each match


All match reports, goal-scorers names etc. must be emailed to the appropriate League Press Secretary on Sunday evening.
Under 16’s match reports to:
Under 18’s match reports to:

Sunday evening


If a match is postponed, called off or not played, for any reason, you must telephone both the League Secretary & the Fixtures Secretary with a valid explanation, ASAP on the day of the match.
You must also notify League Secretary in writing within 48 hours of date of a postponed match.Rule 10f
(An email is accetable or an OKS message)
Euan Webster, Willow Croft, Pooks Green, Marchwood, Southampton SO40 4WP .
023 80866250;  07928 014883  or email:

Call ASAP Sunday.
Post or email on Sunday


Any queries/problems call Euan Webster or George Wall and ask advice.
 (It’ll cost less than a fine if you get something wrong!)
You can call Euan up to 10:30pm any day of he week or George up to 9:00pm






All correspondence (letter, email & phone) should be from Secretary to Secretary (NOT from or to Managers).
Any queries or issues relating to Hampshire Cup fixtures must be made directly to their offices.



All players registration forms go to the Registration Secretary with sae for return of ID Cards
. (Keep a record of all players’ details. League or Hants FA may ask for details).
All teams should have at least 11 players registered by 1st August.



Only Referee and / or Groundsman may call a fixture off. ALL fixtures MUST be played as directed.
Clubs MUST try to reverse a fixture if one pitch is unfit. Check with George



Shirt advertising MUST be approved by Hampshire Football Association.



Must confirm to Euan Webster, in writing, if Club/Team do not intend to carry on next season.
(By April 1st 2014) Rule 14b.


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The application form for the 2016/2017 season is available on the CSYFL home page on the Our Kids Sports web site, under ‘Forms & Documents’. (existing clubs only)

New clubs please contact the League Secretary

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